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 DIY Macrame wall hanging

Everyone does some DIY in their homes. Making some DIY projects give your home a nice cozy look. Macrame wall hangings are one of the best ways to give our home a nice cozy and handmade look.

Though this is a little time taking you will get the hang of it very easily. Once you learn all the techniques of making a wall hanging you can definitely make one of your own.

Here we are sharing one method of making macrame wall hanging you can try your own. Let’s have a look at all of the steps of making it.  

Material required

  • 2 big rings 10 inch
  • 1 small ring 3 inch
  • 1 circular mirror 10 in
  • 100 Macrame cords 40 inches each
  • Colorful beads
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

Cut the macrame

Cut your macrame of length 40 inches each. We need 10 such cords of the same length. We have taken some extra length as we can always me our macrame shorter but we cannot add more macrame. Therefore, it is better to be on the safe side.   read more.

Tie larks head knot on ring 1

Take one cord and fold it equally. Now, take one of the two 10-inch rings and attach your macrame to the ring. Attach your macrame by making larks head knot to it.

Cover the whole ring with the same process. Now you will get something like this.

Place the mirror on top

Now take your 10-inch mirror and place it on top of your 1st ring. Be very careful while placing the mirror.

Piping around ring 2

Now place the second ring on the top of the mirror. After placing the ring, we will start piping around the ring. To know the piping technique chick on the link to our YouTube channel.

This will help the second ring to stick in one place and hence our mirror will stick, without using any adhesive.  

Place the beads

It is time to place the beads on macrame. Take two macrame cords and place the bread in it. Leave the next two cords and again place the bead on the other two cords. Repeat this process until you cover the entire circumference with the beads.

Remember to place the bead on every alternate two cords. Here we have used two different colors of bead i.e. pink and blue. You can take as many different colors as you want. You can also take a single-colored bead. It entirely depends on your taste of colors.

Square knots

Once you finish placing the beads on the cords, start making square knots on the cords. Now, take 4 cords each, 2 on which you have placed the bead and 1 from its right and the other from the left.

Now start making the right-facing square knot on the cords. Repeat the process with the set of 4 cords until you cover the entire circumference of the ring.

We will make 2 knots each on every bead to make sure that the bead sticks to its place and doesn’t move. While making the square knots we have to make sure that, if we made one knot from the right side, the other knot will start from the left side.

Decrease the knots

The next step of making our macrame mirror is decreasing the square knots. We will divide all the cords into equal segments of 4 beads or 4 sets of square knots.

To decrease the knots made we will leave 2 cords each from both the ends. Now, from each side, we will start making the square knots. In the first row, we made 4 square knots and in the second row, we will make 3 square knots.

Now, for the third row, we will again leave 2 cords from both the ends. We will again start the process that we followed in the first and the second row. Take 4 cords after leaving the 2 cords from both the ends and make a square knot. This will give us 2 square knots in the third row.

For the last and the fourth row, we will again leave 2 cords like earlier. Now we will take the remaining 4 cords for making a square knot. This is how we have decreased the square knots successfully.

We will get a pyramid-like shape after we have decreased the square knots efficiently. This process takes a little bit extra time as it needs precision and a clean hand. If we do not tighten the knots we will not get a clean pyramid-like shape. Instead, we will end up getting some clumsy shape.

Piping on the edges

By decreasing the knots, you will get 14 pyramids of 10 notes each. Now, we will make piping around those 14 pyramids. We will do piping around the pyramids with the two cords that we left on both ends before making the first row of square knots.

Once the piping is done again take two cords on top of the pyramid and place a bead. Again after placing the bead tie it with a square knot on the top.

To learn the process of piping you can check on our YouTube page by clicking here.

Pattern 1 – Big square knot

After we finish making 14 pyramid-like structures we are left with some threads. We will make different patterns between these small pyramids.

Pattern 1 is a big square knot with the remaining threads. Grab all the cords between two simultaneous pyramids. Take two cords one of each pyramid and place 1 bead in it. Now make a square knot to fix that bead.

After you have finished making the square knot grab all the cords and make a big square knot in the middle. Once the knot is made, now, we will do the piping around it.

In the end, place a bead on top of this pattern and tie it with the square knot. This process will give your macrame mirror a finished look. Repeat the process in the entire circumference of the mirror after every alternate pyramid.

To know about the piping method, click here.

Pattern 2 – Piping on the edges

Pattern 2, again grab the cords between the next two pyramids. Take the central two cords and attach one bead followed by a square knot. Just like we did in the previous pattern.

Now, take the cords of the surrounded pyramids and start piping around it. Take a closer look at the process on our YouTube channel.

Repeat the same process to the entire circumference of the mirror after every alternate pyramid. You can go to our channel by clicking here.

Attach the ring to hang the macrame

Take the smaller ring and attach it with the body of the mirror by making square knots around it. This will heal us to hang our macrame mirror.

Trim and knot the macrame

We have completed the process of making mirror macrame. Now we will trim the remaining cords and with the help of lighter, we will stick all the macrame threads at the back.

This will give our macrame a clean and tidy look. This will also prevent our macrame to open and get loose.

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