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Gardening  hacks 

Gardening hacks if you love gardening, try these garden hacks, of course, it will change the way of your gardening. We all always want to do something new, and many people want to change naturally, these clever Garden hacks are useful for smart gardening. Gardening is a very large part of it and it takes a lot of time. Try these smart gardening hacks,  Cinnamon powder, Use citrus peels for seedling, Don’t worry about the watering can or sprinklers, Plants watered when you are going out, Use Coffee grounds and keep pests away, Vinegar in the garden, Epsom Salt organic Gardner, Coffee Ground as pesticides, Use eggshells to prevent slugs and snails, Self-watering planters, Use coffee filters in flower pots, Reuse the broken pots in the garden, Use diapers, Use cooking water to fertilize the plants.

Today many ways of gardening have developed, some containers on the terrace as a hanging planter, some people use a raised bed. Here Nature Bring is telling you about some garden hacks.

1.Cinnamon powder to prevent diseases

Cinnamon contains anti-fungal properties, and the aroma that has it doubles its effect. The disease called ‘Damping Off’ destroys seeding. These are a gray-white furry fungus, which are forms on the stem of seeding, where it meets the starting mix. This happens because it gets the proper condition. That is why it is advisable to use clear plastic domes because it creates a perfect humid disease environment. Find out more.

 2. Use citrus peels for seedling

After use citrus does not throw the peel, you can use it for seeding. For this, just make a suitable hole for drainage in the bottom of the peel. Then fill the peel with potting soil and add two seeds and water. As soon as the plant develops, the peel will nourish and compost directly as the plant grow. Learn more about this garden hacks my roman apartment.

  3. Don’t worry about the watering can or sprinklers

We all know that plants love sprinkled water. And when you do not have sprinklers or watering can, there is no need to worry use this clever garden hacks. You can keep your plants happy while using your old oil cans.  Separate the lid of your old plastic oilcan. You can make holes for a more substantial flow by using a small needle and a large needle, for this you heat the needle and holes in the lid with regular gape. You can make a thick and thin hole according to your need. See the tutorial for more information.

 4. Plants watered when you are going out 

If you are going out of the house for a few days and are worried about how to water the plants in the house? Actually, there is no way of watering indoor plants, but if you want,  you can keep some paper towels and a glass of water to alive them, use these clever garden hacks.. See life hacker for more information.

 5. Use Coffee grounds and keep pests away

Use coffee grounds and keep pests away, if dry coffee is spread all around the plant on the ground, then slugs and snails run away from it, though it does not end, gets bothered. You can use the coffee liquid as an organic spray on the leaves. A lot of coffee in coffee ground survives after use. If you add the coffee powder in the water overnight, then a tea-colored liquid gets ready. You can use this liquid as a spray. It also contains antimicrobial with nutrients. It removes insects and caterpillars. Can use the coffee ground to keep ants, snails, slugs, and many other pests away. There are many more uses of coffee grounds for this you see our post. If dry coffee is spread all around the plant in the ground, then slugs and snails run away from it, though it does not end, but gets bothered. Read more in Nature Bring.

 6. Vinegar in the garden

People use vinegar to enhance the flavor in the kitchen is used for different recipes, but physique you know vinegar is not only in the kitchen but also in Garden this amazing. How important is the use of vinegar in your garden, and how to use it? Here are you implementing how-to-use vinegar in nature garden?

 7. Epsom Salt organic Gardner

Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) Mix in compost in a certain proportion. You can mix Epsom salt once in a month with prepared soil mixture. A gallon of water mixed with one tablespoon Epsom salts and sprayed directly on the leaves. You will see in a few days than the other plants in spray plants react quickly. Epsom salts will be easy to find in the drug store and grocery. Epsom Salts Organic Gardner proved to be a good friend.

 8. Use eggshells to prevent slugs and snails

If slugs and snails are bothering in your garden, then keep these little insects to coarsely-crumbled eggshells all around the plant to eat. The sharp edges of the shells will stop these insects, most of the snails and slugs will easily go out in search of easily available food. See more Natural living ideas.

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